What Would We Do Without It?

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Technology has come a long way since the radio and television that it is simply...

Technology has come a long way since the radio and television that it is simply amazing. People used to be thrilled at the prospect of coming home from a hard day of school or work, and sitting in front of the picture tube to watch their favorite tv show on a appliance that ran of basic tubes and transistors pulling signals out the air. 

Technology has come thru leaps and bounds in the last fifty years. we went from two TV’s pulling analog signals out of the air to flat screen TVs utilizing digital signals Internet technology to entertain us, from phonograph record, to the cassette tape players, CD players to MP3 players. 

The internet has played a big role and most of our recent technology advances. From entertainment to information technology, security, Business and even transportation. The internet has become ground base for most of the things that we do in life. one of the more interesting and new features of internet technology is AI Artificial intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence has invaded most of our appliance’s devices and gadgets. these days we have so many options to choose from. From securing our houses finding information for us and even finding locations and giving us directions to that location. Some of these things just in the short time they have been available people cannot imagine living without. 

AI technology can read to us and help us get a better understanding of things, you can play games with us, implementing artificial intelligence technology in our new cars that can drive us around and help prevent accidents. technology makes this world more interesting every day and advancing in ways that you would not believe. 

With all the advances of Technology it would be virtually useless without IT infrastructure in which to be delivered to us on. The Internet connects to us through business networks and servers. all of these networks and servers need upkeep and maintenance, and that’s where IT services and Consultants coming to the picture. 

Is IT services in consultants Install and maintain hardware and software systems that serve us our information over the internet. Without business Networks and IT services to implement them the internet would be a big empty place oh you may be able to chat here and there but the information that we have access to immediately and upon request will probably not be there 

For example you could take your favorite device that has internet access type me in or talk Something random like “it consulting laval” and you will literally come up with Pages upon pages of results. probably more results than you can even attempt to look through in a day’s time. 

Another example would be that if you have a newer vehicle you can get into your car and ask it where the nearest fast food restaurant is. Your GPS will probably give you a route to get you there within a few minutes and let you know when you arrive. The combination of artificial intelligence and internet technology is really awesome wouldn’t you agree?

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