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Most independent websites that allow you to get hundreds of Instagram followers for free or...

Most independent websites that allow you to get hundreds of Instagram followers for free or paying are scams. To be conscious, why do not you increase the number of your followers with your own effort? This is the simplest and most effective way to get many real followers every day.

Make sure your account is private. It is proven that a private account attracts more people (people will want to see your photos).

  1. Login to Instagram accounts of famous users or friends and check their “Followers” tab.
  2. When the list of followers is displayed, follow or invite people who have more “Friends following” than “Followers”.
  3. Follow many people
  4. After a day, check your notifications. He will say: “________ wants to follow you”.
  5. Now, select the users who want to follow you and press the green “✓” button. Do this on every follower who has sent you an invitation and wants to follow you.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 6 every day to get followers every day. You will receive around 20 to 50 followers a day if you follow many people.

After 3 weeks, download any type of free application with which you can see who has stopped following you, fans, friends in common, no followers, etc. For example: Instafollowers.

Select the option “No followers” and stop following all those who do not follow you.

Then, go to your “Followers” section on Instagram and stop following the unimportant people or strangers you follow. Stop following frequently.


Do not be cocky, bossy or hateful in your photos. Just be simple and nice.

Use great photo editing apps like PicsArt, and Aviary.

Post selfies and original photos with inspiring descriptions.

Having more “Followers” than “People you follow” will make you more popular.

Comment popular photos and “like” random photos to make them known.

Use only 1 to 3 hashtags to receive additional “I like”. Using many hashtags will make you look weak. Remember that the more followers you have, you will receive more “I like”.

Make sure your account is private.


Do not post false photos. If people find out, many will stop following you.

If some people post nasty messages or insults against you, take screenshots and post them on Instagram so your followers can support you. It is better to be nice.

Do not stop following everyone at the same time. It is likely that they will do the same to you.

Do not download or share information with independent websites, because they can be scammers.

Buy Instagram followersFor most Instagram followers purchases, you’ll have to go to the Instagram section of the selected web page, select a plan (for example, 500 followers) and enter the payment details and information for your account. Once you have done it, you should see your number of followers grow.


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