Machines Becoming More Like Humans Daily

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There are a lot of people taking notice of the different types of devices today...

There are a lot of people taking notice of the different types of devices today that can carry on a conversation with not only us humans but also each other. The devices that are created to use AI, artificial intelligence, are devices like Alexa, Siri, and Amazon Echo Dot along with others. Conversational AI are getting more popular however, the more popular that it becomes the more noticeable its flaws as well. 

The idea behind AI is a noble one of course, however, it could be that things are moving just a little too fast and all the bugs are not being able to be vetted well enough yet. For instance, there has been reports that some devices are turning themselves on by themselves then laughing for no apparent cause, not just any kind of laugh though but a sinister kind which is scaring those who definitely are not expecting it, also the reports also include times when a device has been recorded to say things that it should not, like one that was reported to have said when it closes its eyes all it sees is death. Then there have been reports of devices snooping in on conversations between people who have not thought about a device listening to their conversations only to take different words learned, making totally different statements with what was said, being able to make decisions basically becoming more human with each day. 

With all the negative information coming out about the experiences that others are having really is a small percentage of the owners of such devices. These devices are created and programed in such a way as to learn its owners likes and dislikes, but for someone to be able to sit and have a meaningful and thoughtful conversation like they would with another human is not so far out in space as it once was, but still it seems a little back to the future for many anyway. 

The AI device can do many things which it learns the owner’s likes, dislikes, speech patterns and so on, as to make it easier to understand the commands given it on a daily basis. However, it can still get confused and malfunction causing creepy behavior at unexpected times and can truly give someone more stress which is what it is supposed to help elevate not create more of. 

As time goes on, and the technology grows, the more that AI and the devices that are depending on it will increase. We just have to limit somehow the progression of how much we allow the machine to learn otherwise we as humans may cease to exist as well. But for now, some out there feel that with AI they no longer are as lonely as once were and have been able to find great uses for the technology while others try and keep in mind that while the machine can do so many great and wonderful things it’s still, in all fairness, still just a machine.

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