Internet could be the main channel with the Beijing Automobile Show

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From your report, the net is the buyer understanding with the main channel with the...

From your report, the net is the buyer understanding with the main channel with the Beijing Automobile Show. In line with the survey data with the car in the home, 68 pct of buyers via the net to spotlight Beijing Automobile Show, twenty-two. 6 pct of answerers said that to know the related information from the mobile World wide web. It will be noteworthy the highest for the interest with the auto present crowd “80” party, super Bacheng “80” the particular respondents said the auto show is an excellent opportunity to spotlight understanding regarding automotive details.

Each automobile show “luxury automobiles and gorgeous car models often is the most more likely to attract a person’s eye, but the automobile home questionnaire found in which, Overall, individuals are more concerned with the genuine automotive buyer information, for reference to the current or upcoming car. One of them, 80% with the “70” head to auto present main goal is “to comprehend their worries or the newest car industry, ” the particular crowd to find out the gorgeous car designs, the maximum proportion regarding “80”, around about 23%.

The report demonstrates 63. 5 percent with the respondents are usually most concerned with the automobile show, car safety engineering, technology regarding hybrid and also auto gearbox, the respondents concerned with the ultra-half.

The record also demonstrates the cost-effective, excellent fuel economic system, the three components of the safe could be the concern regarding consumers. It really is noteworthy in which consumers SUV level designs favor, as well as the degree regarding concern for your SUV together with increasing age group and increase, “70” SUV-level models of attention. Automobile home, “70” consumer selection of vehicles will your family factors because the focus regarding consideration, the SUV level models in order to meet their particular space wants.

In inclusion, models coming from most buyer concern, respondents political election to elect the favorite models TOP10, BMW fresh generation 3 Collection, the fresh Focus and also Audi Q3, the most used models, the breakdown with the popular The whole list with the top a few list inside the SUV inhabit half car seats, the market SUV anticipations higher.

The survey demonstrates consumers concerned with the Beijing automobile show month to month family income greater than 8000 yuan, data processing for 53%. Furthermore, the automobile home before released the annual questionnaire data present that 81% with the respondents with the user plans to get 18 thousand or a smaller amount priced designs, Chao Liu Cheng automobile consumers want to purchase within 12 months, nearly Jiucheng not necessarily buy automobiles consumers want to purchase within a couple of years. Consumers expect you’ll buy the automobile category, 42 pct of buyers will choose their particular brands, 52 pct of buyers will pick a joint-venture brand names, a comparatively small discuss of imported brands regarding pre-order. These info show that around the one palm, in the past few years with the particular continuous improvement with the economic stage, the automobiles will access a a growing number of families. Alternatively, the 20 million automobile market will continue to be for quite a while to arrive at constitute China’s automobile consumption market can’t be ignored.

It really is worth noting the large buyers to pre-order the particular difference with the TOP10 record auto present popular TOP10 record. Beijing automobile show automobile brand reputation TOP5 regarding Audi, Volkswagen, Principal products: automobile dvd person and automobile dvd, are with high quality. BMW, Honda and Mercedes-Benz, the particular German brand names popular edge is a lot more prominent. Vehicle pre-order intention with the results with the registered users from your car residence, independent brand names the TOP5 people, the Fantastic Wall, Chery, Chevrolet, and also BYD, futures objective to inhabit two seats Science Posts, unlike the particular auto present popularity record to high-end brand name one-sided.

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