TOP 5 Sites to Download movies

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Summer is here and I am sure no one of you feels like stepping out...

Summer is here and I am sure no one of you feels like stepping out of the house in this scorching heat. Even if the kids want to do some physical activity and play outdoor games the beating sun makes it impossible to even step out of your homes.

So to overcome the heat one of the best options is to stay in the comfort of your home and enjoy watching movies with your kids and parent and catch up with all the latest blockbusters that you might have missed due to your busy schedule. This will also encourage you to spend some time with the ones you love but couldn’t get a chance to have some family time with.

It might have been a cumbersome task for you to download movies; especially, if you want it in HD quality. You might have visited a number of websites to download movies for free but somewhere or the other a problem might have arisen. Some sites either say you to subscribe or sign-up or register with your e-mail id. So, today, to overcome this problem we have listed below some of the legal websites where you can download movies for free without any hitch.

These movie websites listed below help you download movies in a very convenient way by providing you with options to download the latest movies in full HD without asking you to mention any personal credentials of yours.

  1. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is in the number one of our list because it is a gold mine. It does not only provide you with movies but also trending songs and books as well.

If you already know about it we do not need to mention anything more. But if you are unaware of this website then go and check it out right now.

  1. Hotstar

I am sure that all of you might have heard of Hotstar. If you still have not heard about it then let me tell you this site contains an extensive array of both English and Hindi movies. Here, you can also stream television serials which you have been missing out. They have even designed a user- friendly app.

  1. Retrovision

Retrovision has an arena of movie collections as well as web series. They also have an app named Classic UHF that helps you catch up with a fresh stock of movies on the go. If you have missed out on an episode or a part of the movie, you do not need to worry because Retrovision has it all stored up for you.

  1. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel has been newly, launched and has started gaining popularity both among youngsters as well as middle-aged people.

They have a well-organized collection of movies arranged by each genre. If you do not know about it, it’s high time you checked it out.

  1. Youtube

Well, all of you might have heard of Youtube. It is a site not only to host movies and video clips but also documentaries.

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