A Brief Intro To The History Of The Internet

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The internet has completely changed the world since it was invented, and it continues to...

The internet has completely changed the world since it was invented, and it continues to revolutionize people’s lives as new ways to use it are discovered. While the internet has been around for a long time, it’s speed cannot compare to what is available today from an internet service provider wisconsin rapids, wi. There are several inventions that led up to the creation of the internet such as the telegraph, the telephone, and the radio. The invention of the computer also was a huge event when it came to the development of the internet as it was a necessary part of accessing it. 

There is a lot of information available about the history of the internet and much of it is more complete and technically detailed than this brief explanation. The idea of the internet was first introduced in 1962 by MIT’s J.C.R. Licklider who had discussed the concept of a “Galactic Network” through memos. He talked about different possibilities for social interactions and communication that could be achieved through the network that he envisioned. 

The first paper that discussed the concept of network switching was published by Leonard Kleinrock in 1961 and he wrote his first book about the subject a few years later in 1964. He was able to show that communication could be accomplished using packets over a network instead of the circuits that they had been using. This was one of the first big steps when it came to the history of computer networking. In 1965, scientists managed to connect 2 computers in Massachusetts and California. The 2 computers were able to operate together as a timeshare while both using data and programs. It showed that this concept was completely possible but the telephone system in which the computers were operating on was not adequate for the project. 

DARPA began working on the concept in 1966 with some of the people involved with the first network. A plan for what would come to be known as “ARPANET” was published in 1967 and it was presented at a conference. Research on packet switching was already being performed by other groups such as RAND which was used during the creation of the network. After the structure of the network had been refined overall in 1968 and they began working on Interface Message Processors which was one of the key components when it came to the concept of packet switching. 

Just a short time later, the first message was sent using ARPANET. They were already working on a way to represent mathematical equations visually over the network that they had created at this point in time. 4 computers were attached to the network in 1969 and in the following years, the world would see the network grow substantially with several computers being added to the network. As more users gained access to the network, more applications were able to be developed by the users. ARPANET was demonstrated at the International Communications Conference in 1972 and the concept quickly took off and gained interest around the world.

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