7 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Kvm Switching System

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Kvm switches have become popular in most data centres and server rooms. As a user...

Kvm switches have become popular in most data centres and server rooms. As a user or customer, there are many questions which you might need to ask about kvm switches that you don’t know the answers to. You first need to know what kvm switching is and how it will benefit you. Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before buying a kvm switch.

  • What’s a kvm switch?

It is a hardware gadget which lets a customer to handle many computers from one keyboard, mouse and monitor. The user can adjust control from one server to the other by pressing a switch on the kvm.

  • What type of connection does the kvm switch have?

The connections you have will determine the cabling you need. You can either use a USB connection or PS/2 or a combination of both. If you are using a USB device such as a mouse and keyboard, ensure that you buy a kvm switch with USB capability.

  • Does a CPU need a keyboard emulation?

Most kvm switches are enhanced with keyboard and keyboard emulation and mouse features. They allow each CPU to communicate to the switch as if it were linked directly to the keyboard.

  • What are some of the kvn switch security needs?

Security is important, and it should never be compromised. Some of the security measures which kvm uses to ensure maximum security include:  user authentication, SSL encryption and high internal security in the operating systems.  The security features are put in place to make sure that each user only gets access to the devices which they are allowed.

  • How many kvm ports are needed?

It is ideal to buy a kvm switch which has several ports than what you may be needing right now. This way when you want to expand your server room in the future or incorporate other users, you won’t be required to replace the small kvm switch with a bigger one with more kvm ports.

Also, you can make use of a kvmoIP to assist in configuration. If you use a kvmoIP adding servers and will be easy and free from complications.

  • How close should users and servers be?

If the users and servers are physically close to one another the analogue kvm switch will be able to meet their needs easily. Also if users require to have access to the monitors in remote areas because they travel or If an IT manager needs to control a data centre which is far away a kvm over IP switch would be ideal for the person and their organisation.

  • Which operating systems should my computer have?

Whether your computer is running a different OC or a similar OS the right kvm switch will interconnect various CPUs which are running different OSs.

Before buying a kvm switch, you should first ask the above questions and understand them well. Afterwards, you can buy a kvm switch which will suit your organisation’s needs.



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