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Xbox One X is the successor of a Microsoft owned video game brand, Xbox. Xbox...

Xbox One X is the successor of a Microsoft owned video game brand, Xbox. Xbox One X, codenamed as Project-Scorpio, was launched in November 2017. Microsoft called Xbox One X “the most powerful console ever” as it could perform much better than Sony’s PS4 or other gaming PCs.


CPU: Eight 2.3 GHz custom x 86 cores

Gpu: 40 Radeon compute units at 1,172 MHz

Memory: 12GB GDDRS

Memory band width: 326 GB per second

Hard drive: 1 TB

Optical drive: 4K UHD Blu-ray

HDR support: Yes

The Xbox One X package includes a black console with a 4K UHD player, a matching black wireless controller, a 1TB hard drive with a built-in power supply, three USB ports, two HDMI ports and an IR blaster to control the TV. Xbox One X can upgrade older games to 4K producing high-quality images even in a 1080p display.


Xbox One X offers smooth transfer of account settings, games, and apps from Xbox One console to Xbox One X by just copying settings to an external hard drive. Games and apps can also be copied between consoles.

All Xbox One and Xbox One S accessories are also compatible with Xbox One X. According to Microsoft, Xbox One X is 40 % more potent than other consoles. Therefore it can play games at higher resolution and a much higher frame rate.


Xbox One X games that support 4K include

  • Forza Motorsport 7
  • Middle earth: Shadow of War
  • Assassins Creed Origins
  • Sea of thieves
  • Crack down3
  • State of Decay 2 etc.

Microsoft has also announced free 4K updates for

  • Forza Horizon 3
  • Killer Instinct
  • Halo Wars 2
  • Minecraft


Xbox one x skins are protective stickers that come in several vibrant, themed, and textured designs to make your gaming consoles look much trendy. A complete package of Xbox One X decals includes one skin for the console and two skins for the controllers.

We can personalize our Xbox One X consoles and controllers using these stylish vinyl skins at sound prices. Xbox One X skins not only protect your device from scratches and dust but also make your console look attractive and stylish.

Basic Features:

  1. Unaffected cooling: Thin vinyl layer of the Xbox One X decals scatter heat, not affecting the cooling system.
  2. Easy application: Xbox One X decals/skins are easy to apply. Just peel the skin, stick it to the console and press.
  3. Zero sticky residues: Xbox One X skins can be removed easily without leaving any gooey residue on the console.
  4. Fashion: Trendy themes and designs of the Xbox One X decals beautify the console by transforming it into a piece of art.
  5. Scratch opposing: Tough and sweatproof vinyl layer of Xbox One X decals protect your console from getting scratched.

Famous Xbox One X decals include

  • Blossoming almond tree
  • World of soap
  • Starry night
  • Flower of fire
  • Moon meadow
  • Marbles, etc.

Summing Up

Xbox One X is a super console with improved powers to do more remarkable things with the same software. It could be called a beast as compared to the previous versions of Xbox, Play Station series, or other gaming consoles. Along with the highly developed features, several stunning Xbox One X skins come as a bonus.

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